How To Download Any Microsoft Stream Video Using Destreamer | Destreamer

Hey guys , welcome back in a new video. In this one I will show you how you can download any Microsoft Stream video / Microsoft Teams Recording directly without having to ask the publisher.

DISCLAIMER : This video is for educational purposes only , this does not abuse the end user agreement for Microsoft Stream , but use it at your own risk!

Link :


Installing Homebrew:
/bin/bash -c ā€œ$(curl -fsSLā€¦)ā€

Install ffmpeg:
brew install ffmpeg

Building the Project:
npm install
npm build run

Happy learning!


For the noob-friendly method.

Click Here

Iā€™m not the owner of this video and not promoting but I really like this method it just takes me less than 1 min to set up.

///Download Destreamer from following links///
For 32-Bit: Gdrive Link
For 64-bit: Gdrive Link

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