How to do change mailchimp form error/success messages?

Hi, I’ve embedded a form on my website. when someone signup for the newsletter, the current success message display Thank you for subscribing is there any way to edit the response.

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Yes, that’s Easy. Without your code I don’t know if you answer is js or php. But the most common php.
So you need to check the action of your form like 1.
Check the file xxxx.php and you need to see the part concerning success upload of data in the table of the database, the message must be somewhere there and you can change it
2. I there is nothing in action, that means you action script is with the same page as your form… Try to find when the submit button is checked and if the data is inserted properly in the database, the message must be there and you can modify it.
The best way is to load your file so that we can help better.