How To Discord Message Logger (Works In Browser) (Light Weight)

Hey, this is a tiny message logger. i made because i wanted to and also has better performance than most of the other message loggers

THIS doesn’t log the edited messages tho!

yes the interval with the for loop is kinda bad for performance because its going to take longer each time a message gets deleted BUT idk any other way of doing it that wont bloat the code. i fixed it

And will have better performance now. we need that because if the message gets deleted from another channel we cant style the message because it aint in the dom :expressionless:

this doesnt save the deleted messages either after you reload. you can like make it set an item to localstorage but i feel like its unnecessary because it will impact the performance

and also you most likely won’t get banned!

Here’s the trick:

  1. Ctrl + shift + j

  2. Paste and press enter

  3. Profit

var findModule = (item) => Object.values(webpackJsonp.push([[],{['']:(_,e,r)=>{e.cache=r.c}}, [['']]]).cache).find(m=>m.exports&&m.exports.default&&m.exports.default[item]!==void 0).exports.default;
var FluxDispatcher = findModule('_currentDispatchActionType')
let deleted = []
var styleMessage = async ({ id }) => {
  let messageElem = document.getElementById(`chat-messages-${id}`);
  if (!messageElem) return false;

  if (messageElem.classList.contains('deleted-message')) return;

  messageElem.classList.add('deleted-message'); = 'rgba(240, 71, 71, 0.1)';
var run = () => {
  Array.from(document.querySelector('[data-list-id="chat-messages"]').children).forEach(thing => {
    var id =
    var obj = deleted.find(m => == id)
    if(obj) styleMessage(obj)
index = FluxDispatcher._orderedActionHandlers.MESSAGE_DELETE.indexOf(FluxDispatcher._orderedActionHandlers.MESSAGE_DELETE.find((x) => x.actionHandler.toString().includes('revealedMessageId')));
interval = setInterval(run, 300);
FluxDispatcher._orderedActionHandlers.MESSAGE_DELETE[index].actionHandler = (handler => (e) => {
    const thing = styleMessage(e)
})(this.oldHandle = FluxDispatcher._orderedActionHandlers.MESSAGE_DELETE[index].actionHandler) 


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