How to directly download Torrents to Google Drive Using SASTD

Today we are going to discuss about an interesting topic.Have you ever downloaded a torrent? Yeah most of you have used torrents! That is the easiest way to find software, movies and lots of data

In this article we are going to discuss about How to directly download Torrents to Google Drive.If you are using regular torrent clients like uTorrent,BitTorrent etc. to download torrents , You may face several difficulties.

  • Torrenting waste your data when seeding
  • Some ISP’s are blocking or Slowing down the internet speed when downloading torrents.
  • Some networks (eg — University networks, Office networks) have blocked torrents.

So if you have a way to directly download Torrents to your google drive, Then you can download them to your local machine from anywhere with high speed.Because ISP’s do not block or slow down when downloading from Google drive.Also other networks don’t block google drive.Most interesting fact is In my University network I’m getting more than 50Mb/s speed when downloading from Google drive ,which I can never get from downloading torrent file.

So if we take a look at current solutions available, We can find that amazing website Seedr. It allows users to download torrents to their website storage.And then users can directly download them to local machine from Seedr.

But the problem is you can get only around 4GB storage on seedr if you use a free account.So you cant download torrents which exceed that size limit.And also Seedr don’t give us a competitive download speed compared to Google drive.

So now I’m going to introduce you to this software , “SAS Torrent Downloader” which will help you to download Torrents to Google Drive.Interesting part, It is totally FREE!

Let’s discus the technical stuff first!

You may know that there is a research project called Google Colab, which allows developers to develop their machine learning based projects on virtual instances provided by google.Those virtual instances are just same as regular VPS we use.But they are volatile, it means the instance will be wiped out and reset after few hours.But user data stored in his google drive, so they will not be wiped out.


In Google Colab we are given a notebook interface which is same as Jupiter notebook.We can code using python 2 or python 3.So the good news is there is a module for python called Libtorrent which can download torrents using a python program.So we are going to use Libtorrent to download the torrent and then we are going to store them on our Google Drive.But if you are not familiar with Google Colab, Jupiter and Python then it may be hard for you to use this method.So our software is going to automate this process of downloading torrents to Google drive using Google Colab.Thats the technical fact of this software.


To execute this software successfully on your local machine, There is a prerequisite.It is you must have installed the latest version (currently 76) of Google Chrome web browser.So go and download Google chrome if you don’t have installed it already!

If you have already installed Google Chrome, Then you have to check if it is at the latest version (76)


Navigate to Menu > Help > About Google Chrome and check what is the version of currently installed Chrome.If it is 76 , you have the latest one.If it is lower than 76, just click on update button and it will update Chrome to latest version.


Then, you can download the software from below link.Download the zip file of latest available version.

Then extract the zip file.You can find an executable file named SAS Torrent Downloader.exe

Just execute it.


Then it will open main window just like below image.Enter Google username and Password in corresponding input fields.This software needs to authenticate you in to Google Colab.Thats the reason for requesting google username and password.But you don’t have to trust this software, just create a new google account and enter its credentials.

Then click on Authenticate button.

Please wait for few minutes , and then it will display message “Logged in Successfully” if you have entered correct credentials.

— — — — — — — — — — — — -IMPORTANT — — — — — — — — — — — — -

If you have enabled 2-step authentication on given google account , it will show the message “Please complete login challenge!”


Same time it will open chrome window with requesting to complete two step verification process.


Before doing anything , please make sure to complete that 2 step verification process.After completing it Chrome window will be disappeared.Then you can move on to next step.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Now you can see a input box named Magnet Link

Enter the Magnet Links of torrents you want to download separated by commas.

If you don’t know where to find the magnet link of a torrent, take a look at below image.



When you search torrents on a torrent search engine or other website, there will be a button which has an icon looks like a magnet.Right click on that button and copy the link.


Then you can paste it in to our software.Usually a magnet link looks like,


So copy all the magnet links in to Magnet link input field.Make sure that they are separated by commas.

Then click on Start Download button.It may take several minuets depending on length of your magnet links.So please wait for few minutes.

Now you need to authenticate Google Colab to access google drive account.That means you should give access for Google Colab to upload files to google drive.Wait for the message you can see in below image.

In that message you are given a link to get access code.Just click on that link.It will bring you to a website looks like below image. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find the button “Click hete to get access code”

Click on that button.


Then you will be asked to grant permission for Google Colab to access Google drive account.First you have to select your google account which has google drive account.Please select your google account.


You may be asked to login again.Complete those steps.Then you will be asked to grant permissions.Grant them and Finally you will be given an access code like this.


Copy that access code to corresponding input field on our software.

Click on Verify Button.

Now it may take few seconds to verify and your download will be started ASAP.

After completing the download, Open your google drive account.Then you can see that new folder named “Torrent” has created in your Google Drive


All the downloaded files will be there!

Now you may have problems that what are the limitations of this software.First thing you should keep in mind is regular google drive accounts are given 15GB space.So if you have a regular google drive account, you cant exceed that limit.But if you have an University or Office email account on google, that account may have unlimited or several terabytes of storage.

Here I have attached a proof image that I downloaded GTA V PC Game using this software.That Torrent had 62GB size.It took about 45 minutes to downloaded in to my google drive.


This software uses GPU runtime of Google Colab virtual instance which has internal space of 350GB.So after downloading about 300GB you may have to wait for the instance to reset automatically.Or you can just create another google account and continue downloading!

— — — — — — — — — — — — -IMPORTANT — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Whenever Google chrome or Google Colab gets updated, this software is also needed to be updated.So if the software is not working properly, Please check on its github repo ,whether new version is available.

Or check on developer website for latest updates

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

You can send bug reports to developer by using this email address [email protected]

Reported bugs will be fixed sooner.

Credits: Shanaka Anuradha


awesome shere

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Very nicely explained. But I just wanted to know that, since Google has downgraded it’s GPU runtime from 350 GB to 68 GB. So can I download torrents about 80-90 GB size?

Thanks in advance.

hey thanks a lot for sharing this here, just ha a query though, can i download normal files apart from torrent directly to my shared drive with this software?

Getting stucked while log in into my google account…My chrome has 81 version running on my pc…And sastd software that i have used is the 0.1.4 something version…Did i have done any problem??Do you have any solution??


Does it upload to shared drive or only “my drive” ?

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Does it work on torrents/magnets with Zero seed ?

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Very useful tuto, I hope this wil work for a long time.

not login wati 20 min try angin wait 10 min but not login :rage: :rage:

check this also

Appreciate the share but ends up getting stuck at the initial logging in process

Chrome Version - 81.0.4044.92 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Tried with both versions of downloader from the Github repo

Probably, was developed with respect to the previous Chrome v76 but does not work with the latest ver (at least in my case)

Same here =’(

Not able to login.

Also i have got stucked at the initial log in stage…May be the version is the problem which creates difficulties to log in successfully…

Not working, stuck at logging screen, this app contains old chromedriver which supports older chrome version

I got a problem !!

When i click on Authenticate my browser flashes like it opened but closes automatically and it stuck on "Logging in. This may take few minutes, Please wait…

What should i do help brother out !!
Thank You

Replace chromedriver with this one:

I couldn’t get it to work either so just using this link to download to gdrive:

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It’s been about an hour and it has still not logged in.
If email id is [email protected]; then username should be xxxxxy? Right?

It’s been about an hour and it has still not logged in.
If email id is [email protected]; then username should be xxxxxy? Right?

Thanks bro. It worked.