How to detect website visitors location without knowing them?

I want to know how big tech companies detect website visitors locations?
From Which side they have implemented ? Frontend or backend ?
Is there any tool or some bunch of code ?

If anybody knows please describe yourself.:pray:

I have to implement in project.

Your answer is very important for me.

You can try this

You can use user’s IP to detect their location, it’s not a exactly location but you may know which city.

Hello 1Hacker’s,

I’m using this website for collecting analytics for my site which has collection of IP address ,Location, Device Identity and many more. Check the features and you love it.

:point_right: IP Logger :point_left:


Thanks to all :pray: . But don’t want to analyze visitors. I want to detect the visitors location and show some content according to the location

Dear Mustafa_Kapur

See this site Geo Location API. Use ajax method. I hope this will help you.


@Mustafa_Kapur you can ofc use backend code to detect the IP and using it you can get all other information ( i wouldn’t suggest using any frontend in this cuz users can play as they want in fronted and you should never trust them, the backend is guaranteed, I would give you PHP code or nodeJS code, but I’m not sure you’re a programmer or you just want a small solution )
anyway, you can still use this as @prabha_coder but I wouldn’t trust in javascript cuz users can disable it …
you’re better to use cURL in PHP, they have a full step by step documentation over