How To Design A Logo In 5 Easy Steps

Reaching high heights in business is possible only with smartwork and that includes designing a custom logo, which is a cornerstone of any business. A custom logo is the face of a brand and boosts values and recognition.

Here we have listed 5 easy steps to design an amazing logo-


Before designing a logo, you must have a clear idea about your business. A logo is a visual representation of your business. Therefore, knowing deeply what your business is all about comes first.

  • Figure about the core concept of your company. Think about what is the main point that should be displayed in your custom logo.
  • Know about your company’s mission.
  • Focus on the target audience. The logo you design must be appealing to the eyes of your target audience.
  • Make a list of products or services that you provide. They will inspire you through your journey.

It is pretty obvious that you must be clear about ‘What do you want?’ So, in this case, learning what a perfect logo constitutes of, is your job.

A good custom logo should be-

  • TIMELESS- No matter how many years pass, your company’s logo must have the power to withstand with Your audience should find it appealing in any period of time.

For instance, the Mercedes logo is a perfect example. The core concept of 3 pronged star hasn’t been changed for over a century and still it remains one of the best.

  • MEMORABLE- Design such a custom logo, which can be memorized by human brain even at a glance. With fast recognition and easier memorization, people will automatically find your company to be trustworthy and reliable.
  • SIMPLE- Simplicity is the key. Lesser the details, more the effect. An easy to recall custom logo builds trust among customers. For example- Apple has removed a lot of elements from its logo over time to convert into a simple one.
  • RELEVANT- Your company’s logo should be relevant with your business. It should not display a message off the track. Logo must be able to convey brand’s message and keep its identity intact.

A great logo sets you apart from others, boosts brand values and helps your business to grow to another level. Custom logo being the face of your brand must showcase expectations and feelings of the brand.

If you want to design a brilliant one, you should be aware of what makes a brilliant one.

What to do?

Check out logos of top brands of the world. Study their logos and try to understand how they have incorporated the brand’s ideas into logos. Try to learn how top companies are successful in representing their brand’s mission and values through logos.

When you design your own logo while keeping these points in mind, you will definitely feel confident and impressed by your work.


To make a catchy logo, focus on colours that represent the main theme of your brand. Do not use more than 3 colours. Using more will only look overwhelming and do no good.

The shades which compliment each other will be more pleasing to eyes. On the contrary, clashing colours have a harsh effect on eyes and play a negative role in branding.

Colours have emotional connotations. For instance, black and silver give a classy look, green colour provides a soothing effect and yellow shows charm and happiness.

If your target audience includes females, incorporate shades while on the other hand, for males tints work best.

Also, coordinate your colours with matching fonts. To add to this, serif fonts are perfect for a professional look but if you want to play simpler use sans serif fonts.

Tip- Do not use more than 2 types of fonts in your custom logo.


Now that you are completely done learning what makes a good custom logo, it is time to ponder upon how to design one. There are probably thousands of logomaker tools available online.

We have made your task easier. Designhill logo maker tool is an AI powered logo creator to create professional logos in just a few minutes. You will be amazed to know that it does not require much technical skills and autogenerates logos for you.

It has easy customization options to edit logos according to your own choice and need.

You can choose from various business templates available on LogoMaker tool which are created by professionals.

Designhill logomaker tool will help you design a custom logo that will speak volumes for your brands. You just need to add specific information then press the button and Voilà.

A custom logo depicts the personality of the brand infront of the world. It is the first impression of a company and we all know feelings from first impressions do not fade away soon. Therefore, designing a brilliant logo becomes extremely crucial.

Happy learning!

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