How to delete stubborn empty folders in Windows 10 | Folder in use error


There is a very easy method, if you have installed Winrar / Winzip:

Follow the steps:

  1. Right click on stubborn empty folder -> choose “Add to archive” image
  2. Select Archive format as ZIP image
  3. In Archiving options tick: Delete files after archiving and OK image

Now the folder should be deleted and later you can delete the archived zip as well. :hammer:


Another option before you try the above one.

When you see the error, simply go to Task manager > find > explorer.exe > right-click and > End task < Click file > load explorer.exe again, then jump directly to folder location and select folder > press > shift+del > Bam! rest done :+1:

Rare TIP (Tested 10,000 times):
If you want to trash the content folder but also, wanted to keep the content copy and never let it get restored once the folder gets trashed.

Simply, Right click on folder > Add to Archive > tick > Create solid archive + Lock archive + Delete files after archiving > Set password (strong ones with special charters/letters) Press OK, rest done!


  • Now use that password when you want to extract the folder, once you finish, redo the same method and overwrite the new RAR to the existing one. None of the restorations may ever get the files.

  • You can also do the same to secure folder content if they no longer needed but personal and you don’t want to let them get restored later, Simply, do the same thing but inside the password, use random keywords, type deep bullshit > 6dgte]=`[email protected] < this type of crap that you can’t remember and mistakenly opens it, once it’s over, press ok, and try to open that RAR with any random keywords repeats it twice or max 3, 4 tries. (these failed tries change’s indexes in HDD) Click on that RAR > shift+del < Bam! now go ahead and try any recovery, this shit would never come back!