How to decode or encode base64 without visiting any site.(offline)

this is about how to encode or decode the base64 without visiting website.

How to decode

step1: copy the encoded text

      ex:  eW91Y2FuIGVuY29kZSB1aW5nIGJ0b2E=

step2: press ctr + shift+i in browser(crome)
it will open incept element in that you go to console tab .

step3: in the console type

             atob("paste the encoded text  ")

after typing hit enter it will decode.

thats all u can visit the encode link.

if u want to encode then follow the steps:

step1: press ctr + shift+i or open inspect element in browser
it will open incept element in that you go to console tab .

step2: in the console type
ex: btoa(“youcan encode uing btoa”)

             btoa ("paste link which u want to encode ")

after typing hit enter it will encode.

thank u guys…hope u like it


Nice man. Really useful


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Thanks, man your hard work is really appreciated.

or you can just use a chrome extension :


atob stands for ASCII to binary.
btoa stands for binary to ASCII.


Well, really innovative share and this can be really helpful. That’s why, people pay attention:
Use different encoding techniques.
There are various present like Rot13, Unicode, hex, html or even Base16 or Base32 or Base34 and many more.
Just mention type with enconded data like,
Use Rot13 and decode-
This will prevent leeching to some limit. And do not follow the trends use different encoding techniques timely.
Thank you.

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