How To Create Your Own VPN Server (The EASY WAY!)

NOTE: This tutorial assumes you have basic knowledge about VPS’ and how to SSH to it.

Part 1: Setting up the server

Step 1: Sign up to Digital Ocean using VCCs or CC. Here’s a link for 100$ Credit upon successful registration - Digital Ocean 100$ Credit
Step 2: Go to Create, and create a droplet

Step 3: On create droplet page, go to marketplace and find OpenVPN Access Server

Step 4: Choose a plan. Even the most cheap one provides a good speed.

Step 5: Choose where the server will be. Choose the region closest to you

Step 6: Choose password as Authentication Method. Create a complex password like the one in example

Step 7: Create the droplet!

Part 2: Configuring the server

Step 1: SSH into the server using the IP Address as the host, root as the username, and the complex password for the password
Step 2: Accept the TOS

Step 3: Just keep pressing enter (Default values) until the setup starts

Step 4: You should have a link by the end of the setup. IMPORTANT save the links

Step 5: We have to configure the password for the VPN login. To do this, type the command below.
passwd openvpn
where openvpn is the username, then the password you type will be the password.
Step 6: We can now login to the Admin UI. Use the link with /admin saved earlier.
If you see this warning, just click Advance, then Continue

Step 7: Login using the credentials made in Step 5 then accept the TOS

Success! You can now use your newly created VPN. To use, proceed below

Part 3: Using the VPN

Step 1: Login to the Client UI. Use the one without /admin using the credentials in Part 2 Step 5
Step 2: Download OpenVPN Connect (For android), or OpenVPN Connect (For windows or linux)
Step 3: Download your user-profile. Click “Yourself (user-locked profile)” to download

Step 4: Click the downloaded profile, or manually import it in OpenVPN Connect using Import Profile
If it asks for username and password, use the one created in Part 2 Step 5

Enjoy your full-speed private VPN!!

Take note that each server has a maximum allowance of 2 connections only (Free plan)! If you want more, create more server, or buy a license from openvpn.

EDIT: Whether you use all your credits or not, it will expire within 2 Months, so better yet, use it! You can also use your account to create HQ Proxies! Tutorial below:


If my account expires or the credit is used up, I can create new account right?

Definitely. This way, we can keep creating a new VPN server. I just hope DO creates more datacenter location.