How To Create Your Own VPN (OpenVPN) In Various Countries

  1. Login and Search on shodan for the favicon hash of recent tp-link modem-routers.
  • Select also the country and the city where you want to have your VPN.
  1. Try to log in with this data:
  • If it requires user and password “admin/admin”.
  • If it requires only the password enter “admin”
  • If it requires email leave it alone.
  • Last option is to try “admin/password” and “password”.
  1. Click on advanced mode and go to VPN.

  2. Select OpenVPN if present and click on enable OpenVPN server, further down (important) select “local network and internet” and click on save.

  3. Click on generate certificate

  4. Click on Export certificate

  5. Insert the certificate in your OpenVPN client.

  6. Change password and if not available disable remote connection from port 80

Tips: In some areas of the world there are more routers with default password in others less. It also changes from city to city. Keep in mind that in some areas have very slow connections and in some countries disable access to

These routers can be seized and analyzed and the logs with your ip will be present. Also they are easily hacked remotely by government agencies.

These devices are recent and will continue to increase in the future.

Happy learning!