How To Create Unlimited Lifetime Lynda Premium Accounts For Free | New Method! 💯

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Step 1: go to , click on contact and then click on get a library card, and click on apply online button

Step 2: Fill out the form, with a working email and then click go

Step 3: you’ll get a barcode, copy it

Step 4: Click on login on the top right corner and enter your barcode and 1234 as password and click submit

Step 5: change your pin (leave it blank where it says pin/password) and enter it again, click submit. Save your new pin.

Step 6: go to, click sign in and choose to sign in with your organizational portal and enter and click continue

Step 7: Enter your barcode and pin, click log in and create a Lynda account.
That’s all, now you have a premium lifetime Lynda account.

NOTE: This is reported that this method working as for 6th Nov 2019, If it stopped working at any stage, don’t complain. these methods could be get busted earlier.

The Previous Working Method Is Here: How To Get Lynda & Skillshare Premium Account Legally | Lynda Free For Lifetime | SkillShare For 3 Months!



Well, I didn’t mean to reply but I have to. Don’t you think there is a huge difference between Bust and temporarily disable word? It does make sense, It hasn’t busted but sign up are disabled can be done due to other many reasons related to library. if the sign up come back obviously this trick does work. have a nice day! just wait for it, the method is good. :slight_smile:


Okay sam…!!


It works.
Solution : click on Account, the “Forget your PIN”, then “Get a Library Card”
and you use this form to register for an online library card !
On the portal enter : not .com


Thanks SaM !

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Thanks, its working.


Thank you SAM

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Thank you @SaM for sharing the great things.

@Sonic21 Thank you for correction. As you said use .org instead of .com it is working.


Thank you for the correction bro.


Thanks Sonic21! For those who need the direct link:


@Sonic21 A Big huge and many thanks for saving this method by providing the following need, And peoples around doesn’t know SaM very well, When someone Impressed me or I feels happy, I might be able to do something in their favor.
Here’s the favor, Enjoy these 2 gifts mate Title+level (Check my PM). :+1:

And all others thanks for the patience and I’m sure you all will be now able to get Lynda account as mentioned in the method. Cheers!



Thanks chief, it’s working.

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Thanks,working perfectly

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SaM!!! Thank you x million times…its not enough i know…take it a billion times more…


Thank You @SaM

Guys, what’s the difference between this method and the other method related to the Houston Library Account? Is there any difference in the type of Lynda account you get?

The method, the doing, the process only difference, usa ip difference, nothing else. use which suits to your need or sounds easy. that’s all. both methods are worth it. Have a nice day!


yeah in this you dont need to connect to the us ip while acessing lynda but in later you’ll need one

ok, not to be a sour puss, but i kind of registered using this method, and i think i got banned or something after one day, neither i am able to connect to the library login anymore nor into I woudn’t know if its just me, or its happening for everyone else. It was so nice getting, but its sad being disconnected…i hope its only me…


same case here