How To Create Office A1+ Student Account | Working And HQ Method ⭐

  1. Go to:

  2. Create your mailbox username and click Set.

  3. Then visit: and choose I’m a student.

  4. Enter your username there but instead of
    example: [email protected] add [email protected] in the dialog box/

  5. Fill your account data

  6. Get back to your temp mailbox and click “Manual refresh”
    Your office verification code will be sent there
    add it to the info and create your account.

  7. from inside the account go to…/r#/groupsJoin group

  8. Click join group it will be auto-approved.

  9. Log out and log in again and you will be able to download the Office 365 apps on your desktop.

Credit To Carson

Happy learning!


I am getting this And and i didn’t get any option to choose i’m student from the link above

I think it has been patched because the mail you have given is not receiving right now

What you mean by this step. Please tell us clear what to do?
What we write instead of