How To Create Netflix Premium Account Using Orange TV Account

1; Login to your Orange TV Account at

2; Open another tab in same window and paste this link:…:/…tour-elipi

3; It will ask you for an address.

4; and now fill random France street address there.

5; On next Page choose LiveBox Up Fibre and choose 3rd plan with Netflix as shown in image: Click here to see the image.

6t; Confirm Plan and Receive email from them and Make Netflix Account.

7; Done.



the requested page
is no longer available

The correct link for step 2 is:

Hope it solves everyone’s problem :laughing:


pls let us know if it works

Dont have an Orange TV account, tried to create one but keep getting browser console Error

can you help me with this part? no matter how I put it keeps on saying invalid!