How To Create Kanopy Account | Lifetime Access

How To Make Kanopy Lifetime Account (Source: Nulled and thanks to MuratSarsilmaz)

  1. Open This Link : https://www.fakeaddr…ss/city/Seattle

  2. Open this Link in Other Tab :…ard-application

  3. Use Your Real First and Last Name And Copy Rest of Details From 1st Link. (Address, Phone No, Zip Code)

  4. Choose 4-12 Numbers Pin That You can Remember.

  5. Click on Submit Button You will Get Library Card Number Intantly.

  6. Open https://spl.kanopy.c…h/publiclibrary

  7. Paste Your Library Card Number and Pin and Click on Continue Button.

  8. Add Your First Name And Last Name And Your Email and Pass.

  9. Verify Your Email

  10. Your account had been Created…!!

  • You have 5 Credits Monthly but You can add more cards for more credits.

Happy learning!


Step 6 :-