How to create free mobile app for my WordPress website

Hello friends, please can someone guide me on how to create free mobile app on my Ecommerce WordPress site. Technically the site is a membership site since it is an Ecommerce site. Let all my amiable Tech guys in this forum help me out. You can visit the site at techguides(dot)com(dot)ng to make a better informed contribution. Thank you all. Long live 1hack!

I recommend to check these topics, You will find what you need :slight_smile: :

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Thanks for contributing but I must confess, the resources you provided above didn’t even attempt to solve my problem. It confused me more.

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There are two approaches you can follow.

  1. Use any online website to apk builder.
    The apk file you’ll get will open your website in a mobile web view withing the app so if your wordpress site is responsive and you are not that tech savvy you can use this.
  2. If you have working APIs to interact with your website functions then you can use any framework like react native or any other to build frontend to consume your website APIs.

Let me know if this helps.

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The first option I can do but can’t do the second option because I don’t know React

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Thanks will definitely try this and give you feedback

Okay. Would be waiting.

For Ecommerce website. Goto and goto App section or you can search ionic you’ll get full source code for Ecommerce mobile app.

If you are developing Learning management and finding E commerce app. It won’t work. Instead if that install WPLMS theme and you ca find android and ios source code for free in

The app am talking about is learning management system app. The site you gave me seems to be only for ordinary blog. Please proffer another solution. Thanks for your help.

Exactly, I am building learning management system, so what do you suggest? I need urgent answer please. Thanks

Hello in my opinion you should remake you site as a web app because right now it is mobile responsive but does not behave like a web app should. Instead of it being a Wordpress site remaking it with either React.js or Vue.js will ensure its still responsive and it will behave like a web app i.e it will be a SPA, single page application where the component that needs to change will re-render and will work on any device and will give a mobile app feel all the while saving you money and difficulty that comes with Native applications.

Downside to this is it requires you either spend money for a react or vue developer or have the relevant technical knowledge your self

Try this plugin


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Thanks a lot. Will definitely try that out.