How To Create Amazon Prime Account FREE Unlimited 30 Day Trial TRICK

In this guide I will show you how you can create unlimited Amazon Prime 30 day trial accounts for free. It works 100%, I have done it tons of times with and it has always worked! It doesn’t work since you need to add a valid cc which can be charged. But it should work. Ca .es, co. UK, etc.
In fact, I could make an E-Book with that and sell it for a few dollars but instead I decided to share it with you for free.

  1. Go to amazon and register an account with a valid email. You could need anything. [email protected] but sometimes amazon asks for a code they sent to the email you gave them so i don’t recommend it.

  2. Now pretend. Choose the region you need. Copy your amazon account information (address, etc.)

  3. Now go to Trial 30 Day Prime Trial and Add a bank account (No credit card!)

  4. Copy IBAN and BIC from and proceed.

  5. It’s done, now you should have a bonus Amazon account.

  6. Now go to your Account settings and quit your subscription, otherwise Amazon will try to charge the bank account after 30 days and you will likely be banned or at least get some emails about your payment method being declined


for es you need valied spain address.

thanks man. It worked

It now asks age verification after 2 days

Bro it is asking phone number otp what to do

bro if u want amazon prime trick pm me bro…

Method to get amazon prime/kindle/audible/music for free

  1. Create new ac or login to any old ac

  2. If u r from europe/uk then click these links(of ur choice)

Primevideo-: h ttp://

Kindle-: h ttps://

Music-: h ttps://

Kids±: h ttp://

Audible-: h ttps://

Bin-: 512726 (for uk only. Use in prime/kids/kindle)
Ip-: london

Bin - : 4514011655xxxxxx (us prime) ip-: usa
Or if you are from usa or any other region use below links-:

Music-: h ttps://

Audible-: h ttps://

Prime student 6months-: h ttps://

  1. Click the link based on ur choice and add ur card/generated card and address.

  2. You will be provided with 30days/90days trial, ACTIVATE IT

  3. After few days cancel the trial by navigating to account settings—memberships—cancel

  4. Done. U have successfully made amazon prime/music /etc ac

Note-: you can use multiple services at one ac. Just click links one after other