How to create a GDindex (Index format for Gdrive)


1.Open or Get Auth code enter Auth code.Enter Folder id of Folder which u want it to show up for index.
Eg folder/ 1rJkwoRYfAfD8UatMLtsd8UImPL6RdzLE.“1rJkwoRYfAfD8UatMLtsd8UImPL6RdzLE” This is the folder id in this eg.
Click Build.Copy the generated code.

2.Create Cloudflare account.Its free.Select cloudflare workers.Create a worker.Delete the code which is already there by default and paste ur own code.Deploy the code to Cloudflare Workers.Thats it.Open the url,ur Goindex shd be there.
You can also use this for teamdrive.

Demo Image:-

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u hv to delete the existing code and add ur own code…read the guide properly

name should be ‘index’

how to index a teamdrive, can you please help I am unable to index my td

follow the guide its easy where exactly r u stuck?

image I added folder id and built. Its showing this when I created worker in cloudfare.

weird i never seen this error before
try regenerating the code and try again

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to index teamdrive do this in index.js


Cool its working now, it was id issue. Fixed it myself aha

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if you want to customize :smiley:


GDIndex Code Update: Link

Now supports:

All teamdrives access
Authentication for all file access or downloads
Upload files through URL or Manual local upload
Easy navigation



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Just for a headsup:

There are limitation set by Google (If its free theres always a catch :stuck_out_tongue: ):

  1. Max Upload 750 GB per Day.
  2. Max Download 10 TB.
  3. Can’t Download Virus or Malicious detected files (You can make changes and allow).

There is also limitations for Google API Callback, i dont have much information related to this one, if someone have share it. These are the limitations currently in my knowledge.

If there are other limitations than these above, share it here.

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how to setup on web server ?

You can build a worker for your web server, this might help link.

The author only designed the code for Cloudflare worker for public availability.

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When i click build, it gives error 404 not found, what am i doing wrong??

Edit: Finally managed to make it work from other web page, what sud-domain i got is like this;
but i have seen users have sub-domain like this

so how can i make my subdomain like that??

Secondly, GOindex is better than GDindex??

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