How to crawl a password/login protected site to capture the site

i want to save whole site in my local drive.
i want to make a copy of , is there a way i can do that. i tried httrack and monolith but it can’t access the contents of the site, are there another way to do that, please let us know .

thank you in advance.

idm site grabber… i think will be enough

not good enough idm grabber download every file of the site randomly not have a structure, i specifically have written that i have used monolith before if you have used it , it download all js,css file with and can attach in a single html file, i also used httrack but it can’t bypass robot.txt so i am searching for an alternative, i am requesting for the whole password protected website in to a folder or subfolder may be like that, if any one do know please help.

I think this is the one you’re talking about: This One

If not then please let me know.

To my knowledge of using that tool, it doesn’t help with password-protected posts/pages. Is there even a way to download password-protected posts if you yourself don’t have the password?

Didn’t have any luck using that- in your experience is it possible to download a post/page that’s password protected?

no that site not much helpful.
but other than that if i have username and password of the site how can i make that site for offline use.
like udacimak for downloading udacity courses . i want to download site

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