How To Crack Sublime Text Last Versions Easily!

  1. Download and install Sublime Text 4 from their official website

  2. Visit

  3. Open file sublime_text.exe on (default install location: “C:\Program Files\Sublime Text”)

  4. (RSA Key Patch) Search for: 4157415656575553B828210000 and replace it with: 33C0FEC0C3575553B828210000

  5. (Disable License Check) Search for: 6C6963656E73652E7375626C696D6568712E636F6D and replace it with: 7375626C696D6568712E6C6F63616C686F73740000

  6. Export File and save it as sublime_text.exe on your Desktop

  7. Rename file sublime_text.exe located in “C:\Program Files\Sublime Text” to sublime_text.exe.bak

  8. Copy the modified sublime_text.exe from your Desktop to “C:\Program Files\Sublime Text”

  9. Launch sublime_text.exe and click on the Help tab > Enter License

  10. Paste the following:

----- BEGIN LICENSE -----
Unlimited User License
0C0CD4A8 CAA317D9 CCABD1AC 434C984C
7E4A0B13 77893C3E DD0A5BA1 B2EB721C
4BAAB4C4 9B96437D 14EB743E 7DB55D9C
7CA26EE2 67C3B4EC 29B2C65A 88D90C59
CB6CCBA5 7DE6177B C02C2826 8C9A21B0
6AB1A5B6 20B09EA2 01C979BD 29670B19
92DC6D90 6E365849 4AB84739 5B4C3EA1
048CC1D0 9748ED54 CAC9D585 90CAD815
------ END LICENSE ------

Happy learning!


@TheStrength Thanks bud! It’s working.

I can confirm this works. Thanks!


Could u do a video tutorial of how to do this, i don’t know about editing hex values

It worked! Thanks❤

thanks for awesome idea

Hi, Thank you. @TheStrength // working fine with me. :grinning:

Worked like a charm… Thank you.

Thanks Man. Working for me. :wink:

How to crack the Linux version?

Load sublime_text.exe from the installation directory, then run the cell and download the modified one and replace in the installation directory. Here the video if you need help

Source -

works even in Sublime 4 latest build, Thanks

Thanks Bro

Thank you @TheStrength, this method is quite S U B L I M E (adj.) indeed!

2022 and its still working with latest sublime text

It works perfectly, I noticed that in the last code the lack of a digit I had to increment a 0 at the end, made these changes worked perfectly for me thank you for the great work of this community always helping in what they can.

  1. (Disable License Check) Search for: 6C6963656E73652E7375626C696D6568712E636F6D and replace it with: 7375626C696D6568712E6C6F63616C686F737400000
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Finally, It works. You r right Gilsenio_Ferreira. When i increment one zero, it works without any issue.

thanks, It really worked

when you want to paste choose “overwrite the bytes at the cursor position”
and choose “hexadecimal values” in how data should be interpreted.

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