How To Crack Premium Accounts | Full Guide | Learn Cracking Easily


STEP 1:-

To begin with, you need an RDP.

(RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol) - Are servers that you can purchase and connect too. You’re able to use the software on the server so you don’t have to sully your own computer with viruses, and allows you to check 24h a day without using your own computers computing power. )

You are also going to need a ComboList. If you are new, please do not attempt to make your own ComboList. It’s a waste of time.

( Combo - Combo list / Wordlist - Those are lists that contain your accounts. Private is always best, but depending on what type of accounts you have, you need targeted combos aka site databases that are similar to the one you’re trying to get into. So if you are trying to get into food accounts you would want a pizza database or small subchain’s database since its a high chance all of those users use Jersey Mikes, Firehouse Subs, etc. )

Note: For this explanation, we are cracking HULU accounts. We will need Email:Pass ComboList.

EMAIL:PASS - Mostly used for Spotify, Netflix, Deezer, Hulu, FitBit, Uplay, Origin and many more. (Websites that require EMAIL:PASS to log in.)

USER:PASS - Mostly used for Steam, Minecraft, Origin and many more. (Websites that require USER:PASS to log in.)

If you noticed, I listed ‘Origin’ in both. Because some websites you can log in using both an EMAIL and a USERNAME.

STEP 2:-

We will need to use Proxies. We will be using ProxyScrape - HTTP Proxies. (For HULU it doesn’t matter what type of proxies you use.)

( Proxies - They work with the config to check your combo files. Public proxies work well on free shitty sites most of the time, in most cases, you can’t use them to crack high-end sites since you need a new Proxy IP for every check on high-end sites or every few checks otherwise they get banned and will just leave you sitting there with zero checks.)

STEP 3:-

Now the fun begins!

• Launch OpenBullet.exe-

• Move to the Config Tab

• Click on Open Folder

• Open the Configs rar file & select the Configs that you are going to use and move them to the folder that popped up. [ Get OB Configs From Any Configs Channels. ]

( Config - A Config is how you’re able to use your combo’s and check them on a mass / semi-fast scale. Config’s price depends on how hard they are to make. Sense in order to check on a mass scale on most high-end sites they have countermeasures that will block you after a certain amount of checks. So if it’s a small chain that’s local to your state, possibly region that isn’t that big or maybe just really lacks on security you could probably get it done for less than $30-$40. But if it’s a popular site that has high security and there isn’t a pre-made version on the market yet. It will cost you very big in most cases upwards of $100-200+. )

• Click on Rescan.

STEP 4:-

In this step, we are going to add our ComboList.

Select WordLists Tab.

• Click on ADD.

• Select your ComboList location.

• Select the type of your Combo. (MAIL:PASS or USER:PASS)

• Then ACCEPT.

STEP 5:-

In this step, we are going to add the Proxies.

• Select the Proxies Tab

• Click “Import”.

• Select your Proxies Location

• Select your Proxies Type (We used HTTP in this tutorial).

• Wait a few seconds for the proxy list to load.

STEP 6:-

•Select Runner Tab

•Click on New

•Then Double Click on the Tab that pops up

Click on Select cfg (Config)

•Select the desired Config of the accounts you are willing to crack (Used HULU in this example).

•Select List ComboList

•Add your ComboList

•Select Bots (Threads number How fast do you want it to check accounts.) Based on the Config, you are using your Internet / CPU I wouldn’t recommend going above a 100. If you have a bad CPU, unless you are using a good RDP.)

•Since the Config we are using require proxies, select : Proxy : ON

•Then hit “Start” and watch it RAIN! If you didn’t get any hits within the first 10k lines it means the quality of the combo list you are using is terrible. Just try a different one then.

Note: You can stop / close at any moment that you want. The results will be saved.

STEP 7:- (Optional)

You are able to crack multiple type of accounts at the same time. All you have to do is click on “Back”. Click on “New” again and do the same thing as the previous steps. I used Spotify in this example).

STEP 8:-

• Checking Hits.

• Select “Hits DB” Tab

• Tada! Your Hits will pop up.

• If the config you are using has a capture click on “Captured Data” to make it look more organized.

• To save Hits in a text document, right-click > Select All > Saved Selected > Combos With Data.


Happy learning!


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Can a virtual machine work as RDP or do we have to buy one from the internet? Its costly and was wondering if there was a method to get a free one? By the way good work waseem!

It will be a good tool for you.

And there are a lot of tricks if you search by RDP on Youtube.

Is using an RDP necessary? Can’t I use something like Sandboxie to sandbox everything?