How To Crack Passwords | Tips & Tricks

Passwords are by far the most common type of user authentication. They are popular because their theory makes perfect sense to individuals and is reasonably simple to implement for developers. On the other hand, poorly constructed passwords can pose security flaws. A well-designed password-based authentication process does not save the user’s actual password. This would make it far too simple for a hacker or malevolent insider to access all of the system’s user accounts.

There are many ways to crack a password but I will be teaching you the ways I know and some of the tools you can start on

  1. Methods

Word list - involves a wordlist to compare against user passwords.

Bruteforce - Brute force attacks use algorithms that combine alpha-numeric characters and symbols to come up with passwords for the attack

Simply guess - as it implies just try and guess it

Spidering - Spidering gathers information from companies to come up with word lists. The word list is then used to perform dictionary and brute force attacks.

  1. Programs

You can find a few programs for word list in the market. but there are known ones you can test and learn on - you can use this to crack a password that is in hash most of the time companies hash passwords

Cain and Abel - common used by newbies and script kiddies because of its simple function. It’s used to recover passwords, network sniffing etc….

Happy learning!


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