How To Crack Minecraft Accounts 🔥

0). Well this does not count as a first step xd, but it is necessary to complete it 100%, you need to download a sandbox to run the programs without exposing your pc to risks, the programs in this pack are clean as far as I know, and it does not hurt a little more security (sandbox link : https://www.sandboxi…loadSandboxie)..)

1). The first step is to download the file that will also be in the description WITHOUT AD SKIPERS, extract it and leave you a folder and open it with the sandbox.

2). You will open the folder listed as “1” to get the proxies by clicking on one of the three options. When you are done, click on save and it will be saved wherever you want in .txt format

3). Then open the folder numbered “2” and open the proxy checker, which is used to find out if the proxies are alive or dead, load the proxies by clicking on the “Load Proxy” button and depending on the type of proxy you saved (HTTPS, SOCKS4 and 5) choose the proxy type and set the number of threads to 200 and start it.
On the screen the proxies will appear and will be saved in the results folder.

4). They will then open the keywords that are in the folder of the same name, copy them and close the notebook.

5). With the copied keywords you have to paste them in the smart pastebin reader, for that you open the folder 4 and start the program, when you start it we will use only the first part and with this I mean just paste the previously copied ones in the box “keywords” and in Resultat Of Last use in “day” and give it a start.
Let all the keywords (or most of them) be used and hit stop, copy the links that appeared in Searching Results and paste them in some text file.

6). Execute the Slayer Leecher that is in the folder 5, go to “leecher” give to “Load Links” to load the extracted links in point 5 and in Proxy Type put the type of proxy that you used and then give to “Load Proxy” to load the loaded proxies in point 3, in threads put 500 and give to start.
They wait until ALL the loaded links are finished and then hit “Remove Duplicates” and then hit “Save Resultat”.

7). Half of the tutorial is done, now the second part begins. With the saved combo you have to open the folder numbered “7” and open the combo essentials, click on the tab “Email to User/ User to Email”, in the email to user “combo” part you browse and look for the combolist you saved.
They hit convert and wait about ten seconds to hit save.

8). They go into the “Configs OB” folder and copy everything into this folder which contains the necessary settings for the Open Bullet (including nordvpn and spotify in case xd). To paste them they will go to the folder number 9 in the “configs” place

9). With all that complete they execute the Open Bullet.
You will see it by default in “Runner”, give it a new one and a bruteforcer will be created (click to extend), but first switch to the “Proxies” tab and click on import to import the proxies, then switch to the “Wordlists” tab and grab the combos and drop them in the window, and finally go to “Configs” and click on Rescan to get the configs.

At the end, with all the steps completed, you hit “on” in the part that says prox, in the part that says “Select CFG” select one of the configs (I recommend the one that says:?Minecraft Config (Shows Migrated, Hypixel Rank, Username)?), in the part that says “Select List” select your combo and hit START.
That’s it, remember that you can’t get “Hits” at first, you have to repeat the method until you get it, and always remember to run it in a sandbox.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have the files to upload or download anymore, you’ll have to search here on the forum or Google search!

Happy learning!

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