How To Crack Hashes With Hashcat

This guide will briefly explain how to use Hashcat to crack hashes at the fastest possible pace.

Step 1: Download the latest Hashcat version (binaries) onto your preferred machine.

Step 2: Open your Hashcat directory, shift right click anywhere and select “Open command window here”

Step 3: Once you’ve got your command prompt open in the necessary directory, depending on your OS version, you’ll be using “hashcat64.exe” or “hashcat32.exe”

(Example) hashcat64.exe -m 0 hashes.txt -o found_hashes.txt --remove wordlist -r rules\best64.rule

(hashcat64.exe): hashcat64.exe/hashcat32.exe | Depending on your OS
(-m): Values for Hashcat can be found [here]( | Ex. 0 = MD5, 100 = SHA1

(hashes.txt): This is your file with HASHES ONLY
(-o): This is your output file for found hashes.
(--remove): Removes found hashes from your hashes file.
(wordlist): This is your wordlist(s), can either be a directory/folder or a file.

(-r): Rulesets! These greatly alter your wordlists, rules obviously apply rules to your wordlists, altering them in different ways depending on the ruleset, my recommendations in order from most difficult to easiest.
-r rules/best64.rule
-r rules/favorite_rules/blandyuk.rule
-r rules/blandyuk_sym_pre_app.rule
-r rules/favorite_rules/1.Pengo.rule
-r rules/top/top_5000.rule
-r rules/rockyou-30000.rule
-r rules/dive.rule
-r rules/NSAKEY.rule

Here is the rules’ folder;!1W…kklYGomAjjZlIq4

Happy learning!

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