How To Crack AutoUSBCheck | Trick

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AutoUSBCheck performs copying of files from USB inserted in your machine in a transparent, fully configurable manner.

"Want to know when USB Flash Drive is plugged in your computer?

Want to know its content?

Want to copy its data to your hard disk?

AutoUSBCheck do that, silently and automatically…"

Official website: https://www.paludour…toUSBCheck.html

  1. Download the full version (not patched) from…ucs1.2_full_rar

  2. Unpack the file AutoUSBCheckGUI.exe with upx

  3. Start debugging AutoUSBCheckGUI.exe in OllyDBG or similar

  4. Set breakpoint at GetVolumeInformationW

  5. scroll down and find jnz, like:

004025B7  |.  E8 44130000         call AutoUSBC.00403900 <------
004025BC  |.  83C4 10             add esp,0x10
004025BF  |.  84C0                test al,al
004025C1  |.  0F85 C2000000       jnz AutoUSBC.00402689
  1. goto 00403900 and patch
mov al,1
00403900      B0 01         mov al,0x1
00403902      C3            ret


Happy learning!

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