How To Crack Any Zip Or RAR File Easily ⭐

This tutorial will teach you how to crack ANY password protected zip or rar file using a tool called fcrackzip. It’s easy to use and its very fast compared to other tools as its written in assembly.

You need to use linux for this. I know lots of people try and use windows but if you are even a bit serious into hacking/cracking you need to start using Linux - its easy to use and takes about 30 minutes to set up.

Seriously. stop using windows. We have a linux help thread here on sinster and you can PM me if you need more help.

Anyway here is the tutorial:

  1. create a password protected zip file to practice on. Most distros you can just right click on a file and do ‘create archive’. Make sure the password is all lowercase and 3 letters long for speed in testing.

  2. type ‘sudo apt-get install fcrackzip’ to get fcrackzip.

  3. navigate to the folder your zip is in (cd …)

  4. type fcrackzip -b -l 3 -c a -u

What this means is use fcrack zip

-b means use bruteforce (you can use a wordlist instead if you want)
-l 3 means the length of the password (which is 3 in this case), you can specify range or use number but using a range takes a long time.
-c a means use just lowercase, you can use a1 for letters and numbers etc.
-u means that it will do a test unzip to make sure password was correct. If you dont select this it is a bit faster but you will get a few passwords to try/sometimes it will be wrong.

  1. wait. It can take a long time, especially if you used a range.

  2. PASSWORD FOUND!!!: pw == xxx

  3. profit.

Happy learning!