How to copy from Shared Drive to Another account google drive?


i have searched this issue and found some tutorials and help from serniors but i couldnt find exactly what i am looking for.

My scenario is like this;
I have Shared Drive or Team Drive from one account and i have got another edu account.
Now i want to copy Shared drive content/data to my edu account drive.
How can i do this?

please guys…i need this very urgently.


Please…please…please tell me how did you use the search engine here? :roll_eyes:

I believed you did not search anything, just post because it is quick.

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TYPE HERE AND SEARCH: Many solution can be found


@atlonxp on fire :fire::fire:

professor-mind thinking!

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As i said i have searched before posting to the best of my knowledge
i already viewed this thread and its only for shared drives or single account, i am talking about two accounts here. got any idea?

You shouldn’t tell them to search, it’s a Mod job, help them if you have a solution and you already did.

Then elaborate properly.

i have viewed all these dear…
my problem is different.
i am asking about copying files from two accounts, one has team drive other one is normal account drive

If I’m not wrong, You are willing to Copy content at once from two drive to another one that is gonna be 3rd?

Are you sure?

My solution can support following:

Google Drive     <--> Your Team Drive(s)
Google Drive     <--> Shared Team Drives 
Google Drive     <--- Shared with me
Your Team Drives <--> Shared Team Drives   << your case scenario is here

No, copy from one account to another.

Team Drive from one account to Another account (googke drive normal )

My Team Drive from account A <–> Account B (Unlimited Account)
both are my accounts.

Account B is unlimited edu account,

I think I already did make an explanation. If uou can’t get it working, so it is unfortunate tonyou then

I used airexplorer

there’s a limit of 750gb but gets the job done

Thank u all guys but i sorted it out somehow my way.

What i did;

logged in account A which has shared drive or team drive, Clicked on shared drive and right clicked on my shared drive (which i want to copy to my account B) and click Add Members, than i pasted my Account B gmail id.

Now i logged in using account B, my Account A’s shared drive is there now in Account A’s shared drive. I opened Air Explorer, logged in using Account B, in left window i opened shared drive and right windows i opened my account B drive. Now i can copy it easily.