How to copy from ftp server to gdrive or team drive?

I searched before posting this question.

Can we copy files from ftp server to gdrive or td?
offcourse ftp server asks username and password, so anybody knows a script or method to copy many urls/directory to td?

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Actually, the easiest way to backup FTP to Google Drive is to use a cloud backup tool or services, some multicloud stuff such as MultCloud Get here one Month free or here

You can also try CBackupper

You can easily connect FTP and Google Drive on one interface, and then, create a backup task to back entire FTP or some of the files on it to Google Drive directly and quickly.

Still you said :thinking:

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I tried CBackupper, when i add ftp details, it says invalid ipv6 address. i dont know how to fix it.
i tried mircosoft flow too, ftp info went successfully but there is no trigger available for copying from ftp to gdrive, it has only trigger when new files are created in a particular directory.

Multcloud gives 200gb transfer while i have to copy some TBs.
Now what you say??

get a cheap vps for a month with unlimited bandwidth and relatively good speed. you could probably get away with a 7-day trial if it’s less than 10tb (split it across multiple trials) if money is the issue… there are obviously other ways but I would rather not post here…

Thanks for the reply…
tbh i dont wanna spend a penny for this stuff, so finding ways to do it for free.
and btw if i find any vps whats best way to do that? i mean there are many links so any easy way to copy all links and make batch upload?
I really need a way to do that, you can pm me if you have any other solution that you dont wanna share publicly.

Collab might be more suitable then… it was already posted on 1H

i have gone through this…
its best only for few files as this only shows how to upload single file to gdrive, while i have huge list, so i cant upload one by one.
can we modify this script to upload multiple files??

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