How to copy data of Mega to Google Drive using Colab

we have so many mega links for different resources.
is there any way to transfer the mega drive data, that link i have to google drive using colab.


use Megatools, There is tool called megadl in this collection of tools that you can use to download files or folders.(No login Required).Sometimes your IP may reach data tranfer limit after tranfering a lot of data(dont know the exact limit),then u must restart the colab to obtain a new IP


He’s asking about downloading from mega to Gdrive :frowning: through GColab

yep.Thats what i replied for.megadl is cli tool that can download mega links.Mount drive in collab and fireup megadl

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Any tools for windows

The above one is available for windows too.

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there are a error for url with folder all example are without slash folder or file

there’s a file called megadl.1 & that isn’t a valid file for uploading in collab. do you have any other solution?

how did you installed megatools…if u comiled it from source use megadl binary…elseif you downloaded the precompiled binaries from the use megatool dl

This video may helps you.

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sorry to say but this is a colab notebook, its for using on windows. So how can we use it in colab? can you explain???

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