How To Clean Your Bitcoins

Before you begin spending your BTC, keep in mind a few things:

  • Bitcoin is NOT anonymous; if you buy from an exchange and being spending, it can be traced effortlessly
  • Mixers and tumblers only provide obfuscation and can often be useless as you could be trading your coins for dirty crypto

Follow this to anonymize your coins instead:

  1. Convert your BTC to XMR (Monero) using an atomic swap. You can find a swap provider on This prevents fees that may incur from a regular exchange or swapping service.

  2. Use a swapping service to convert the XMR back to BTC. Unfortunately, atomic swaps do not exist yet for XMR → BTC, so you will need to use a swapping service such as any listed below.

Non-KYC swapping services:

  1. OPTIONAL: Consider using Wasabi Wallet ( as your BTC wallet, as it provides an implementation of CoinJoin, allowing you to cover your tracks when spending Bitcoin.



I used to go to Bitsler, make a few wagers, tip the chat, then tip all my accounts in chat, then withdraw into the various wallets I had, in completely random amounts - all under VPN and across the border. there were times when I would send the exact amount back to the original account. So much back and forth. I was happy to make all those steps to make my coins more anonymous.

This method seems to be much easier. :sweat_smile: