How To Chat Anonymously Online

Simply use:


The chat service is decentralized and focused on metadata-privacy in addition to communications privacy. Unlike other communication platforms, none of your messages are routed through a centralized server that has access to metadata such as your social network of friends, or who sent and received a particular message.

Even in experimental group chats which do rely on a routing server, the server learns no information about which messages belong to which group, who is a member of which group, or who messages are intended for.

This tool should help people resist surveillance. Communications metadata is known to be exploited by many adversaries to undermine the security of systems, to track people, and to conduct large scale social networking analysis that feeds into mass surveillance systems. And because of that, this is I think one of the easiest option u have against this.

The app is designed for people who need to protect, not only the content of their communication, but who they are talking to as well.

It provides a safe space for you and your friends, family, comrades, and fellow rabble-rousers.