How To Change TOR Country IP Address | Use TOR As VPN

Change your country in TOR browser to bypass geo-blocks etc.
Free and more secure than any VPN

You will need Tor browser for this. Download here

Step 1: Find your Tor Browser installation folder
Step 2: Navigate to Browser -> TorBrowser -> Data -> Tor
Step 3: Open the file torrc with a text editor.

Add the following line to make the Tor Browser use exit nodes from specified country only, e.g. from the United States:

ExitNodes {us} StrictNodes 1

You can add multiple country codes like this:


Consider disabling strict nodes. You can do this by replacing StrictNodes 1 with StrictNodes 0 which will ensure that Tor can still use other countries’ codes if your specified ones aren’t working.

Note: To find the country code of your country, look here


Doesn’t work in Linux for some reason!