How To Capture Whole Web Page In One Click In Android Devices!

Here Is The Way To Go

  1. First Get Into The Google And Search For The App ‘ Web Page Capture ‘ Or Click To Enter Directly Into The App Page.

  2. Install The App Web Page Capture.

  3. Open The App, By Default You Can See ‘ Google Home Page ‘ From There You Can Search The Information You Wanted.

  4. Click On The Download Button To See The Three Options.

  5. If You Want To ‘ Add URL ‘ Click On The Third Option Add URL To Capture Your Information.

  6. To Save Information You Can Save It Either In Image Format / PDF Format.

  7. I Recommend You To Go With Second One Which Is ‘ Save As PDF ‘

  8. If You Saved The Information ‘ Capture Image ‘ The Quality Of Image Is Good But Once You Cropped The Image You Can’t See The Text Clearly And Quality Losses.

  9. To View, All Your Captures And Saved Files Scroll Left To View All Your Saved Files.

  10. This Is The Simple Process We Can Capture Our Total Information With One Click.

Happy Learning! :blush:

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Thank you …

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I Googled the words ‘Web Page Capture’ but no such words appear. The nearest words that are similar to it are Full Page Screen Capture, Web-capture and Capture full page. May I know what’s the link of the app you are referring to?


Thank you, Admin @SaM!

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