How To Call Anyone With Phone Number Of Your Choice [India Only]

Before we proceed, You can only call numbers in India using this number. Meaning numbers with country code +91


  1. Android/Android Emulator
  2. IndyCall: (Playstore) (APKPure)
  3. A disposable GMAIL account
  4. A brain with the ability to follow simple steps.


  1. Download the app from the links in the requirements

  1. Accept whatever Terms and conditions and sign in with a google account. You need not give it storage permissions and all, it only requires the microphone permission.

  2. Go to the ‘Get minutes’ tab, select ‘Caller number’ and Click ‘Buy selected’

  1. Click on Start one-day free trial

  1. Enter ANY number of your choice. You can call your friend with their own number or you can use any number with any number of digits. For this tutorial, I am putting in 69420

  1. Go to the dial-pad and enter the number you want to call along with the country code +91 I doubt any other country codes work but you are free to try.

  2. Voila! Enjoy!

Additional: You can use different Gmail accounts to have the infinite one day trial. You can change the pseudo-number 2 times per account. For extending the caller minutes (You get one minute to talk by default) you can either make a purchase or do their survey thingies. (Source: Nulled)