How To Bypass VPN Detection In Games

IP banned in games like rust, pubg, etc or just want to hide your IP in games? You at the right place

  1. Get yourself VyperVPN don’t use shit like Nord.

  2. after connecting use IPHUB to check ip.

  3. if your status says “Good IP (residential or business)” your good to go,
    but if it says “Hosting, proxy or bad IP” reconnect until you get Good IP.

Have fun, worth try… :slight_smile:


Sir If NordVPN is sh!t, Why it is best of 10 VPNs, OR Am I wrong ?

I dont believe Nord is sh!t also. Now does it have a lot of users that probably hammer it, then yes i imagine so, but for security its spot on. The only downside is alot of peeps use it so ips can get banned from time to time on some sites, but then just change that ip to another location and alls fine again.

I wouldn’t necessarily say NordVPN is shit, however you do find that some IP’s on NordVPN are black listed, whereas, I haven’t encountered that on ExpressVPN.

Although i must say, i feel like i’m able to get faster internet speeds on NordVPN than ExpressVPN.

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