How To Bypass The Boring Redirector Websites And ADs-Popup

Hello guys , ever wanted to download a file but you are now stuck waiting 30 seconds and watching a boring ads slideshow .

No problem , the solution is here .

The original Bypasser is Universal Bypasser : which is unmaintained. So What is the new updated program

FastForward is a fork of the project Universal Bypass. That is permanently updated.

So how to use FastForward ?

  1. Visit

  2. Select your browser . (Supported browsers are : Chromium browsers , Mozilla , Microsoft Edge)

  3. You will be redirected directly to the extension page

For Chrome and chromium based browsers , you will need to manually install the extension .

  1. Go here : chrome://extensions/

  2. Enable Developer Mode

  3. Download this zip :…

  4. Unzip the file once, leaving you with another zip file.

  5. Drag and drop into the manage extensions page.

Enjoy a World without Redirector and boring ads websites


Thanks for sharing! Help us a lot to save our valuable time instead of wasting time there. Appreciate! :+1:

Thank you a lot! I didn’t know about this new project after UB died!

Thank you so much! I never know we can bypass that annoying waiting time.

thanks a lot mate

I would recommend Kiwi browser to use on android with this extension. works quite smoothly~ and doesn’t hog memory like Chrome and brave ( Yeah brave too somehow lags in my mobile sadly But kiwi works smooth Not a promotion )

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thanks for the share man

Thx for sharing

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