How To Bypass Snapchat Suspicious Login Easily

Hello! I will be explaining how to bypass Snapchat suspicious login msgs on accounts that you have attempted to access only over the last few months. This method has a success rate that is approx ~75% and is not perfect.

  1. Obtain your targets Snapchat combination, signing in with a user:pass combo, rather than email:pass yields higher success rates.
  2. Enable a vpn that is near targets location.
  3. Open private browser or clear cookies/history from non-private.
  4. Attempt to login on, at this point if you are only made to complete the captcha 0-2 times your success rate will be near 100.
  5. If you login without the suspicious login message, find the unlock account button and proceed to complete that short process.
  6. Finally, with your browser still open and on the same ip, open the app and sign in. If all was completed correctly the method is complete. If you receive the same suspicious login msg, cycle your vpn and restart the steps.


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