How To Bypass PayPal F2A

Bypass Paypal F2A:

Start by going to

Add Everything to your cart and go to the payment section.

Choose “Paypal” NOT PAYPAL 1 CLICKER

When you login in with the account it will ask for phone number verification.

change the URL to form /entry/ to /done/

But dont press enter yet…

open a new browser again go to

buy something again with paypal

after you logged in again immediately switch back to the first browser

Press enter on the URL

It will say something like “NOT ABLE TO CONFIRM YOU”

But be patient, the page will reload and you will be able to get inside the Paypal account

Dont be stupid but enjoy!



  • Pay through the mobile app.
  • Use LinkenSphere as browser with fresh cookies.
  • Use google version from your victim’s country so for example if your victim is from France use
    ( and write manually PayPal on
  • Use special domain on PayPal (so if the victim is from France, use
  • Write the username and password manually, do not copy and paste
  • Open the payment page in the usual browser mode and the payment page in the “incognito”
    mode, in the first case the confirmation window will pop up, and in the “Incognito” mode it
    slips, continue the operation through this mode.
    PayPal Bypass:
  1. Try to login with residential ip close to the vicitim and with all the info abobe.
  2. Go to
  3. Go to settings
  4. Click on “Payments and transfers”
  5. Choose ‘Top up”
  6. After that you will have to choose “Electronic money”
  7. Choose PayPal
  8. Add your login information there.
  9. Click continue
  10. After you get redirected to payment page do not close it
  11. Close the first page from the first step when you tried to login and failed.
  12. Afterwards open a new tab and write or (depending on victim’s
  13. Success