How To Bypass 50GB Import Limit | Method

  1. Create a new mega account with tempmail, verify it and login on your new MEGA account.

  2. To run the script you first need to add the Google Extension Tampermonkey to your browser.

  3. Click on the Tampermonkey Icon from your browser and choose the “Create a New Script”-
    This will open up the Script Editor. Delete all of the content that is already prepopulated.

  4. Now copy the script from the pastebin link below Script:

  • And paste it into the Tamper monkey user script section. Then click file & save
  • Now just make sure that it’s enabled, and you’re all set
  • As long as there’s a remaining space in your cloud, you can import any link bypassing the 50GB limit.
  • This script work only from imported links.

Happy learning!

NOTE: I did not test it, kindly, do let me know if it does work or not, experienced members feedback welcome.


meganz hack.pdf (808.2 KB)


Did this work for anyone?

You are not supposed to do all this lengthy process. You can just make an account and simply import.
Note if your import is more than 50GB than you can just import once and then limit is already exceeded. So you cant export more.

Thread updated with tutorial!