How To Bypass High Quality Coinbase ID Verification

  1. So first of all you need a vpn , get a good japan vpn and connect to it
  2. go to and signup over there , with vpn connected
  3. verify your email address and phone number , u can choose any country phone number . It’s not supposed to be a japan phone no.
  4. After doing all these steps u will be redirected to the dashboard . You wont even need to verify id . Done!



Set up the acc sending thr first transaction

But can I use us up to login consecutive

Need help to restore my coinbase account. :slightly_frowning_face: :cry:
I no longer have acces to my email but i do have my phone number.

Just contact their support. There should not be a problem because you can verify yourself with ID card…

i hove send them my citizenship id and a selfie but it has been a week.

I have account in and website says that we are reviewing your account it will take some time. But there are almost two months gone but still it is in review.