How To Bypass Forza Horizon 4 Ban

In this guide i’ll show you how to bypass forza horizon 4 ban without paying again for the game…

1- first thing to know when you are banned your Pc name is banned also your HWID.

2- You need to reset your pc or find an hwid spoofer.

3- Logout from your “XBOX LIVE ACCOUNT” Do not use the same one “DO NOT”.

4- Download The game or check old files and Do not run it until you have created Your new xbox live account and login through Microsoft compagnon.

5- That’s it you are good to go to play forza horizon again.

NOTE: When you reset your pc dont start the game because if you start it your pc name will be saved and be banned again.

Happy learning!


Plz delete this,i believe we all hate cheaters in games and this will encourage them,who is banned should stay banned,I have spoken