How to bypass aria2 ban by private trackers?

Hi guys;
i want to know, may i bypass aria2 ban by private trackers and download torrents in aria 2 or in colab?

I can download torrents on my pc in qbittorrent, but i cant download in aria2 or colab, so is there any way to bypass that or any other method for downloading torrents in td?

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@ FlashyFlash bro any idea???

How private trackers ban

I think private trackers can ban individual protocols and apps. Thats why each private tracker has a list of allowed apps like utorrent or qbittorrent etc.

You can use to make direct download using a DM
they offer I guess 2GB without quota limit but you can extend it by paying as you see downhere

Or you can invite 5 friends on each friend signing you get 500 MB ( you can use fakemail an sign up using your affiliate code)

Good Luck :+1:

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u cannot…

I already know about it and i have 6gb space. But i am talking about downloading large torrent files like 100gb 200gb 300gb…

i see…but if you find any solution do let me know plz…

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there wont be coz serious leeching was going on via aria frm pvt trackers…ppl jus make new acs on pvt trackers to keep leeching so all pvt trackers hv invested heavily on banning it
so i dont see any solution coming

i see…
Thanks for your input.

But there isnt any online app to download anonymously?
or any other torrent download mechanism other than aria2??

there r but aria is the one thats is widely used…and others hv limitations and r paid

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i just saw rTorrent and Transmission in colab notebook, is it safe to use them? and are they different then aria2??

colab bans u if u torrent on it

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ooh i see…

[How to bypass aria2 ban by private trackers?]

Bittorrent trackers can identify your client by watching your user-agent and/or your peerID.
so you have to find a way to change both parameters and use those from allowed clients.

you can read more about peerID identification here:

in aria2 you can set a custom peerID in your aria2c.conf, see here :

# Specify the prefix of peer ID.

And here about the User-agent :

# Set user agent for HTTP(S) downloads
user-agent=Transmission/2.61 (13407)

thank u so much for this useful info…

but where do i find aria2c.conf in heroku??

look here :
it’s in the file list. so you have to fork the project and modifiy the content of the aria2c.conf by adding the peerid and user-agent settings. And finaly deploy to Heroku.
This should work…

Wowwww…thank u so much bro.
you are really a genius, it worked and now i am able to download.
i cant express my happiness in words…once again thanks a lot!!!

Happy to help you ! :innocent:

You did so but to do it please explain step by step

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