How To Bypass Apple Screentime ☄️

Hello Everyone, I have been using this method for over a year now, and it’s been working, this is something I found by myself so I hope you guys enjoy it and is useful for you guys / gals!

What is screentime?

It’s that really annoying shit your parent’s setup to prevent you from accessing apps after you used up your time, So for ex my parents set the screen time for two hours.


  1. You can begin this method anytime, I usually start after I get the “5 Minute Left of screentime” notification
  2. I would go to my screen time and check what app I used the most
  3. After seeing the app you have used the most, delete it! Dont worry the data will save and you wont lose anything
  4. Reinstall it! and boom, you got yourself no screemtime!
  5. Please note that this does not erase the time you have used, so after you delete the app it would still show how many hours you have used it, but it wouldn’t show what app you used and for how long, even if you delete it!

Happy learning!