How To Buy BTC 100% Anonymously Using A BTC ATM!

  1. Get cash in hand. Enough for the BTC you want, the fees for the BTC ATM, the burner phone and the SIM card plan, go as cheap as possible. Do NOT take a car to the area you are buying the burner from as you can be identified by your license plates or vehicle. Bike or use your feet or catch a ride and get dropped off and picked up further from the store.

  2. Wear a face covering mask, and perferrably a common store or brand name cap to protect (your hair of lack thereof from being noticed) SHUT OFF YOUR ORIGINAL PHONE AND MAKE SURE IT IS OFF, SHUTTING OFF THE GPS ISN’T ENOUGH, try to NEVER turn both phones on at the same time! Sunglasses ARE RECOMMENDED for Steps 3-5, though not required. Keep your hair trimmed / styled up in a ponytail so you’re less recognizable GOING IN.

  3. Buy a pre-paid phone WITH credits, make sure GPS and Bluetooth are disabled (when you set it up when you get out) and while in the store make sure YOUR MASK IS FULLY ON COVERING YOUR FACE, USING ONLY cash to make the purchase. The further away the store is from where you live, the better. When you get home, DESTROY the packaging the phone came in, and eliminate any evidence of the receipt. NEVER CONNECT THIS NEW PHONE TO YOUR HOME WI-FI! EVER! IN FACT, DON’T EVEN TURN IT ON WHEN YOU ARE HOME!

  4. Switch the phone off and only turn it on when you’re at the BTC ATM (remember not to take your vehicle directly to the parking lot of this store), use a FACE MASK STILL, and hat and sunglasses if possible, the BTC ATM has a camera that scans your wallet’s QR codes and may end up saving footage of you actively for transaction security.

  5. When or IF the BTC ATM asks for your name and phone number turn your burner on, input a fake name and then input the fake burner phone number and enter the one-time-passcode sent to your burner phone to confirm the transaction.

  6. Send the BTC to an unused anonymous wallet created with Electrum or Wasabi with no prior or existing connections to your identity, or pay for a service by scanning some one else’s QR code.

  7. For the ultimate paranoid, repeat steps 2-5 for a new burner phone every month or two, and use a different name at the BTC ATM machine for every new phone number you use, keep a list somewhere of the names and phone numbers they are paired with. When you throw the burner phone out, cross it off the list alongside the name and don’t use either or again.