How To Build A Cracker In C# | Tutorial


Hello, let me just start by thanking you for purchasing my eBook, I know a lot of the time they’re considered scams but I hope you feel differently about mine. The knowledge in this eBook will never go outdated, it’s not a method that can die but knowledge you can take away to create a multitude of crackers for various sites. This book is structured around building a cracker, for that we actually need to build one. The site I have chosen to do is Minecraft via API, I will not teach you how to capture requests as it’s extremely straight forward but here’s a quick breakdown of how you would get started:

  1. Download Fiddler
  2. Enable the decryption of HTTP traffic
  3. Login to your site of choice
  4. Find the POST login request
  5. There you go, that’s your post data & headers you’ll
    If you’re curious why my Visual Studio color scheme is
    different to yours it’s because I use the extension “Visa
    Fora” which can be found at:

Getting Started
So, let’s get started, we’ll be developing our cracker as a Visual Studio Console Application, build your solution. Continue Tutorial via Ebook…

Go To Base64 & Decode:




thanks for the share