How To Become Rich | Books That Make You Rich ⭐

How To Become Rich | 11 Books That Make You Rich :star:

Here’s the list of books recommended by Luke Belmar (owner of Capital Club Network, Crypto/Ecommerce Millionaire) To get RICH:

1.Time is money - Aiden Nolan
2.Scientific advertising - Claude C. Hopkins
3.The art of war - Sun Tzu
4.The millionaire master plan - Rodger J
5.The changing world order - Ray Dalit
6.Shop management - Frederick Winslow
7.High Output Management- Andrew S
8.Your Next Five Moves - Patrick Bet
9.The 5 levels of leadership - John Maxwell
10.The Lords Of Easy Money - Cristopher
11.Bitcoin: A Peer To Peer Electronic Cash System - Satoshi Nakamoto
“Knowledge is the gateway to success” Recommend by Luke Belmar

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