How To Become Rich | Advanced Guide & Ideas!

Basically, this will help you to get rich in any year / any time.

The thing is that there is no simple formula.
99% of the techniques or guides won’t work for you because:

  • It is already dead method which doesn’t work anymore.
  • Someone is trying just to get you as a referal.
  • Author of a post just came up with a method which he doesn’t do in his / her life.

Do you really think someone would share his golden eggs on how to earn 250$ dollars with no effort no work, all automated passive income?

Imagine yourself, would you reveal such method? I guess no. Because the method mostly like to die when a lot of people try to use it and market becomes saturated.

What can you do about it?

You cannot do much about it. But what you can do is to acquire a valuable skill whatever it may be.

While reading these posts / techniques, try notice something that would have a potential. Try to think about in what other markets that would work out. Where you could apply the method.

In order to earn money, you have to be creative and flexible.

Things become outdated very fast.

Come up with a plan & goals.

Coming up with a plan & goals

Write down your goals & plans. Divide them into small achievable chunks.

This will allow you to track progress, to see how you perform in achieving your goals.

So for example your goal is to make 250$ a day and at this day you make 0$.
Divide the sum into smaller milestones:

  1. 1$ day
  2. 2$ day
  3. 5$ day
  4. 20$ a day
  5. 50$ a day
  6. 100$ a day
  7. 200 $ a day
  8. 250$ a day.

Jumping straightly from 0$ to 250$ can be quite hard.

How to actually make money

So now we are getting to the most important question.
How to actually make some bucks online or offline.

At a very base there is varying range of stuff you can do to earn money. It all depends on your current skills.


1.Flipping goods

You can flip any physical or digital goods. Examples:

  • Buy Iphone X for 280$ sell it for 310$.
  • Buy CSGO knife for 100$ sell for 120$.
  • Buy at X$ and sell for Y$.
  • (Buy, Sell, Repeat)
  1. Learn Trading

You can do stock / currency / cryptocurrency trading.

This is a riskier method than first. Most of people loose money. But can be very successful way to make tons of money.

  • Wait till the dip in stocks / currencies / cryptocurrencies.
  • Buy at a good price.
  • Set exit strategies.
  • Wait for exit stragies.
  • Take your profits and repeat.
  • Be greedy when everyone is fearful.
  • Be fearful when everyone is greedy.
  1. Sell your services.

Acquire a skill (programming / web development / video editing / photoshop / anything).

Then find people who are in need of a helping hand.

  • You can find some people here that would like to get something done.
  • Facebook groups.
  • Build yourself a portfolio which could allow you easier to SELL your service to a customer.
  • Get Testimonials / seek recomendations.
  1. ILLEGAL / Strange STUFF (NOT Recommended).

if those mentioned about looks meh for you and you want to exploit something for finnancial gains then some of these can help you.

  • E-Whoring - there is a lot of simps / perverted / lonely people who can be targeted in this kind of shit. You need to have good conversation / persuadtion skills. Try not to sell photos or videos or any kind of different shit immediately build a connection. Than come with a not sketchy ways to gain those moneys. (I wouldn’t do that as who fucking wants to prentend to be a woman / see dickpicks and communicate with sick people…) but I heard other people had a very huge success with it (made tons of cash).
  • Refunding - no need to tell about it, just look at this forum for guides (protect yourself).
  • Scamming - you can make some money by scamming people but probably you won’t go far with that (Karma is a bitch).
  • Fake methods for seeking referals - be as many people here. Create fake tutorials about how much money you make. With a main point to get some referals at some site which pays you for each referal.
  • Create a fucking course like Dan Lok / Tai Lopez or like any other shit person does. You know (creating a course about thing you do not do and selling for thousands). Know some people who made it. But still it is just scamming people like yourself who want to earn money but cannot find a way (I would avoid that). Even ewhoring is better than this…
  1. Mining

Crypto minning is profitable these days. There are various ways how you can mine cryptocurrencies. The leggit way is to buy hardware / spend your own electricity. And be glad of earnings.

Have seen posts that people provide malwares / softwares which can be spreaded to various people computers and then by that you can earn passive income. Sounds goood but I would question the software…

  1. Any Other Stuff

There are so many ventures you can start. ESHOPS / Dropshipping / Any other stuff. You can even create your own software and then you can re-sell it to others.

The main thing if you legitemetly want to earn money you need to create value for other people.

  1. Find a group of like-minded people to brainstorm ideas

Find like-minded people. Discuss on various topics and try to earn money together. The world is huge. Most of you are living in different countries. Or even if you live in same country. there is a lot of room for everyone. The market is huge and there is a lot of money to be made.

Happy learning!


Good suggestions and Ideas you found, Much appreciated :+1:

CAUTION: Remember folks, this chick has nothing to do with your money, so, focus on guide, not on Chick! :man_shrugging:


Why go through all the trouble, when I can just get married to you… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :cupid: :two_hearts:


all it takes is a little effort and want to go far in life to do things other people won’t do to actually put in the work and you will go far . You cant get rich sitting on your butt hoping one of these bull crap money things work one day. i hate that all the gurus scam everyone but people are unaware of them and their scams so they fall for it but all in all, if your willing to put in the work good things will come to you in the long run so I agree with your post and thanks for the guide.


lmao at the e-whoring part.
both sad and hilarious at the same time.

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