How To Become Cracking Expert ⭐

Alrighty so first things first, cracking is going to take time and patience if you want to get it right. Here are some of my tips that I can give you guys:

  • Never get combos from such forums like nulled or cracked They will get raped and saturated pretty much instantly and your hits will be pretty much worthless.
  • Always handwrite dorks, don’t use a leecher or generator.
  • If you’re going to use SQLIDumper use HMA or ExpressVPN because they can change your IP every 10 seconds
  • On the topic of VPNs, literally every company will log your data.
  • Selly will ban your altshop, Shoppy will not.
  • RDP (Remote Desktop) or a VPS (Virtual Private Server) crack faster as they typically have a faster internet connection. It also wont slow down your computer. Use one.
  • When cracking with a proxyless config, USE A VPN.
  • Run your cracker on sandboxie or a VM, even on a VPS or RDP. They can and will hurt your pc with malware.
  • If you don’t know how to crack, start with Spotify.
  • If nobody wants to buy from you, sell in bulk for cheap. People will see you selling and buy to attempt to resell.
  • Use EmEditor to open large DBs or Files.
  • Woxy is great for cracking Mail Access.
  • Writing your own dorks can be confusing. Find some tutorials on Cracked that are written by HQ members.
  • Scan dorks with SQLIdumper and scan for vulns with v3nomscanner
  • Don’t use paypal with shoppy. You’ll get raped.
  • When cracking twitter, use USER:PASS combos because half the time the username will be the same as the email.

Happy learning!


Thanks for the share
But will you please help me to dump combo
I mean UHQ Combo Not puplic combos
As you said useing sqldumpper and V3nomscanner will give a better results
It will be useful if you make a video tutorial or reference.

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Thanks for the information, as It would be really helpful if you share some video Tutorial or any other member of this group like @SaM share a video of “How to do it”

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