How To Become A Hacker | Precious Guide!

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I’m sharing a worth guide about How to Become a Hacker which was stored in my flash drive a few months ago. worth learning with pro examples as you know me how it brightens the things. lol!

There is no guide anywhere to “become a hacker”, it’s like asking for a guide of “how to fix a TV” or “How to solve a bug” without mentioning any more details. If you can’t make sense of those two questions then you can understand why we can’t make sense of your question and why it’s infuriating.

Hacking in definition according to Oxford is “the action of secretly finding a way of looking at and/or changing the information on somebody else’s computer system without permission”.

It’s a very broad definition, so let’s split it up.

“The action of secretly finding a way” : We have two keywords here “secretly” and “finding”.

You need to learn how to be anonymous and hide yourself before you even attempt to start the second part of “finding”.
So how do you stay anonymous? It’s not as simple as firing up Tor, you need to learn how VPNs and proxies work, the difference between protocols, how Tor functions, and to be able to make sense of any of that you need to understand how networks function. So here is step one in learning how to hack learn networks and practice. How do you practice you ask?

Well the rabbit hole goes deeper, you need to know some programming to do that, and programs work on operating systems, so before you even attempt to do that you need to be really good in Linux and python. Scratch that, you must be REALLY good with Linux. Now you can practice your knowledge with networks and start writing basic scripts with python. And by Linux, I don’t mean “Kali”, I mean start with a basic distro like Debian. Learning Linux with Kali is like learning to drive with a race car.

And we didn’t even start scratching the surface of the first word of the definition. But let’s say you’re now very good with both Linux and windows, you understand networks, and you can get by with python and scripting. What’s next?

Now we move to “finding”, which is even a broader term. What do you need to find? is it credit card numbers? Databases in websites? You Ex-GF’s photos on her PC? Each one of the examples I mentioned requires vastly different tools and skillsets. I’m not saying you can’t be a “jack of all trades” but I’m saying you need to know where to start.

If you are looking to learn websites hacking you need to know PHP and SQL as a minimum just to start attempting. You also need more skills too. I personally suggest going for the offensive security certificate and then practice on “”. Which should give you a solid foundation.

If you’re looking to start gathering CCs and such you need an extensive botnet, which means you most likely need to know something other than python to write it, of course, you can throw a bunch of money on a ready one, and then some more money on a Crypter, but that would just make you a script kiddie and you wouldn’t know where to start solving any problems you encounter, and you’ll most likely get caught.

You’re looking for you Ex’s picture, now you just opened a can of worms, you can RAT and learn attacking techniques like spoofing, MiTM…etc each require it’s full tutorial ten times this one’s length.

Here, you are now a “hacker”, congratulations.

The point of this thread isn’t to dissuade people from getting in, it’s to show them that they must be ready to put in the time and the energy if it was as easy as pressing a button everyone would be doing it. Also, I hope it gave some new people a starting point.


I shared this guide under Tutorials section even it’s not a tutorial but worth learning guide, besides other categories, this category suits the most, Cheers!


Thanks Chief, this expose is worth the time.

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Thank you so much for this priceless information

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Stay tuned for more and don’t forget to check-out recent uploaded tips and tricks including other basic articles. Enjoy :+1:


Thanks a lot for the info Chief

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Nice article about pathway to hacker and clearing some misconception

Really Nice analogy! Learn to drive a car and then race with car, its not that easy, simple, and fast as shown in Hollywood :sweat_smile: . “The difference between script kiddies and professionals(hacker) is the difference between merely using other people’s tools and writing your own”


we are humbled. at least I am. (no kidding) hacking is a far away goal, yet more like an idea. All in between is just studying gigantuous amount of literature, vids, tricks, languages, webapps… and being curious and… Trying Harder! By Zeus I will pass the OCSP even for my 80th birthday. I will share one quite embarrassing (for someone) fact. I’m paying although I rooted only 2 (retired) machines. But I can’t say I’m not trying and I can look myselft in the mirror after every battle with . Plus I suggest CTF challenges. Excellent way of leaning Linux through game/problems and each point feels like pwn. Amazing feeling!


The site name required to made an Example only, this guide does not recommend to use it in my behalf, so figure it out silently or other way that’s what hackers do, or anyone who has such knowledge especially those who took certificate and all that, anyways, So stick to the guide, not to link in fact, it’s in plain text no link exists in this thread.

Have a nice day!


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i can share a tip ,“never stop programming” words from Vivek Ramachandran.
unless you understand an application you will never be able to break it.

I personally hate Debian Based Distros, i would suggest someone with Bare minimum Arch, if ones failed to installed it, go with manjaro or Arco.

i know you wont care but my daily Driver is Arch + deepin WM and FreeBSD with i3gaps(i did a basic ricing)

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Oh! This will start debate on perfect linux distro. I am restricting my self from diverting this topic :sweat_smile: . But I will say just try different distributions and if not satisfied build your own.

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