How To Ban Your Friends On Instagram | Prank Them

Getting started: Download InstaPro
Go to target ig: turn off your wifi and hold down on their profile picture. It will give you a low quality resolution, screenshot that and set it as your 1st, 2nd account profile picture

Use both 2012 accounts
Put same profile picture / bio / username on both eg @reyesajd → r.eyesajd + r_eyesajd
1st account : Recommended USA VPN report 5x for impersonating me
2nd account : put VPN of a different country(EU Recommended) & report 4x for impersonating me
3rd account ( ur main acc ) : 4 for impersonating someone I know And self injury 3 times + 1x spam


-Do the method in a short time span eg after doing on first acc go straight onto next

-I recommend using MEmu emulator for the whole process.

  • IG Support only responds during strict hours, so if you don’t get a response just wait

  • If you get "We didn’t remove Username account, then don’t attempt again, your accounts will be deleted.

2 instagram 2012 accounts:
You can buy them from account selling forums.
(create the emails and then send pass reset)


Friendly Websites