How To Backup Personal Telegram Chats/Messages

To backup your Telegram chats, you have to do it manually.

Here are the steps below:

  1. You’ll need to go to You’ll be prompted to install Telegram for your desktop.

  2. Click on the three horizontal lines and go to Settings. Click on the Advanced option and choose the option that says Export Telegram data.

  3. In the next window, you’ll need to choose what you want to export. For example, you can choose from options such as:

  • Contact list
  • Personal chats
  • Bot chats
  • Private groups
  • Only my messages
  • Private channels
  • Public groups
  • Photos
  1. When you’re done choosing, click on the export option at the bottom right to complete the task.
    It will send a notice to all the devices you have Telegram on, that an Export has been requested.

  2. After your file already exported and saved in your desktop, you can upload manually the data to your Drive.